Concept Study 2: Collage


Geez, how has time flown it was like yesterday when we first got the assignment, now It’s the final’s week. In the first week of the assignment, It was the same as usual professor Krikun had explained the assignment, In her normal fashion which is fine (it’s very interesting by the way), and she told us to write three to five concepts for the collage assignment. When she was explaining the assignment she told us that we had to incorporate a 30 second timeline video. The second week, In typical fashion as always we went up to the front of the class and explained what the concept was for the assignment. When it was my time to go up, I was explaining my various themes and I believe that both me and the whole class including the teacher came to the same conclusion that I should do for my theme is all four of my themes into one single concept. When everyone came to the conclusion about it, professor Krikun had said said something in response to it ( Honestly I forgot). In the Third week, we had to do concept sketches In the format of a timeline, My guess is that so we could have no problem putting in place our assets and making the video at the same time. When the professor had gotten to mine concept piece, I believe she said ” Wow, this is great for an animation”, I replied with a “really?” to my surprise. In that same day she showed us how covering a object with a piece of fabric, and then scan it to get an image that would show the object, but covered in black. For the fourth week we just showed her our progress, and then continued working on it, the professor showed use some more things. Before the class had ended I believed that she said “next week we are going on a field trip to do some 3D printing. On the fifth week we had no class but instead we went to the other campus where there was the 3D printing, we saw some lectures and also got to do, is make some 3D model that could be used to print with the printer they had there. For the rest of the weeks after that, we just continued to do this project until the final with the case study.


I will keep this short. I had gotten my assets for the collage, which had included pictures of various video game characters such as Jak and Daxter, Master Chief from the halo series, sonic the hedgehog from Sega, and the super Mario brothers (Mario and his brother  Luigi). Also I included information from the various consoles and game software companies ( As well as their logo’s). I had also included a clapperboard that movie directors use. As for the last frame I had gathered all four images of the characters that I used and gathered them Into another new file and rearranged them to the exact place i wanted them to be in, then I had compiled all of the layers into one final image, and then using the move tool and “moving” them on to the specific place (The end of the video clip).

Here is the link to the video:


Case Study #1 Hyper Realism


When I first got into the class the very first assignment was the Hyper realism project. My professor — Deborah Krikun, was very helpful in explaining how to start the project by stating a couple of guidelines to follow. First week, we had to find a topic, she said that we could do at least five of them and provide pictures and a two to three sentence blurb on what we would hope to accomplish with that theme in mind. second week, the second week we had to present our themes to the class in a original fashion (i.e: raising your hand), then when the theme was chosen we had to do three to five sketches on our concept of theme, and basically use the assets we have searched for and compile them as a sketch for the next week. Week three, Professor Krikun taught us some new things, and  we had to do our first edition of the concept and be ready for the next week. Week four, I had to redo my assets and recompile them after talking with the professor and then I finally had enough imagination to re-edit my Hyper realism psd file. Finally, for week five, I had done some further improvements to my file and I’m proud to say that I like the finale version very much.


Originally, in my first drafts of conceptualization I was just thinking that I was just going to have a space-like background with a sun, a couple of planets, a couple of ships (varying in size), and the Nasa logo somewhere either on a planet or any of the spaceships. In the first drafts I had originally had put Star Wars’s Death star a planet sized ship composed with a giant lazer capable of destroying planets. The other ships were StarFox 64’s  starship and with a space shuttle to boot. In the later installments of the Hyper Realism project I had replaced the planets with a city landscape namely — I believe Seattle? Then for the ships I used the 2001’s space odyssey, namely the satellite that professor Krikun had mentioned before in our chat about how to further evolve the composition of the piece. I had also used the Mighty morphin’ Power Rangers Megazord and a robot from the Gundam series. I had darkened the Megazord, the Gundam, the Solar eclipsed moon (which I copied multiple times and manipulated the filter a bit to give it that night-time feel). In order to get the dark vibe from the picture I used the darken and multiply tool to some of the copies.